Derwent Chart

A new map, Derwent Chart will plan and organise the light flow - a research tool and scheduler, teasing out the metaphors of Derwent Pulse: rivers & passages, journeys and lifelines, people & families, sources and destinations, progress and enlightenment, the beat of the past and beat of the future. The 6 metre map is a palimpsest: maps from estates, local studies centres and parish records brought up to date by artists working with local parishes and schools.

Charting the Future

Artists working with parishes and schools that touch the Derwent will work with teachers, pupils and communities: exploring the river, its environment and history; identifying past sites where the river has supported the local economy; suggesting ways the river can contribute to local lives and a sustainable economy; describing lives and futures using metaphors suggested by the river; creating contemporary maps, images and narratives.

Charting the Future, informed by a unique collection of 18 century estate maps, will update Derwent Chart with contemporary maps of the Derwent, suggesting future uses and a vision of personal futures reflected in the river.